Through our architectural applications we aim to bring minimalism in your space.


Build smart. Build different.” Slogan be known worldwide.

Company profile

PCA is an international company with more than 15 years of presence in the international market and in designing  systems and materials for architectural constructions. The philosophy of the company is related to the offering of high-quality products which will upgrade your constructions to a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing spaces. The company guarantees high quality materials and a high-quality style that will define your construction.


PCA was founded in 2008 by Savvas Papadopoulos as a brand focusing on designing systems for glass applications, based in the industrial area of Sindos, Greece. The company was established during the Greek Great Recession, yet the PAP GROUP CEO’s flair for business did not fade, establishing an international presence in the field, while 80% of the company’s income derived from exporting activities.
In 2010, the department of research and development R&D was introduced in the company’s organization chart, creating the opportunity to design and innovate in the international market through studying and research.
In 2012, PCA took part for the first time in an international exhibition by participating in the Glasstech Dusseldorf Exhibition in Germany. This was the beginning for the brand taking part in more international exhibitions throughout the world. Quickly the business activity of PCA was spread in more than 50 countries.
Savvas Papadopoulos was honored in 2018 for business activities in Greece from the MoneyShow group, as one of the most significant young businessmen in Northern Greece.
In 2021, the company’s brand further specialized on the types of solutions it offers, distinguishing its activity from other PAP GROUP brands and enriching materials and architectural systems with high quality and design.